Happy/Sad is about putting the smile on your face while you know deep in side you are not happy. Yet everyone remembers you as ‘the person who is always smiling, positive & happy’.One day the smile on your face will not cover up the pain, but the smile will be a pure smile because you found happiness again. Keep going !


This designs stand for your own beauty. Stop comparing yourself to others and start loving yourself for who you are. Self love is the key to grow as a person. You are special and beautiful on your own way.


‘DTH’ stand for Drip Too Hard. This one is for the people who dares to create their own clothing style. The people who dares to dress different than the current hype. Dress to look like yourself & not to look like someone else. Drip on your own way. 


We all start small, but we all want to end big. If you believe in yourself and work hard you can achieve anything that you want. That’s why this design starts with a little butterfly and at the end it turns into the biggest butterfly. But don’t forget this, what you achieved can be taken away easily from you. Stay focused and never stop working & dreaming!


If you read all the meanings behind the designs, you will maybe understand where I came from.

A lot of people asked me how I started. It was march 2021 and I lost my job. I had a little bit of savings and my parents supported me where they could. I bought some machines to work with and a couple of days later I made the designs ‘ Happy/Sad’. One week later I posted it on my personal instagram and people start asking me: where did you bought that hoodie? A couple of days later I had my first ‘order’. That was the sign to keep up that work and work even harder.

My mom always said: ‘Never Give Up On Your Dreams’. Nobody believed in me when I was back down, but I never lost hope, never lost faith and I never gave up.

I started alone, but my sister always had my back. What is mine, is hers. That’s how we do that. KU-FASHION is not just a brand, it’s a bond, it’s a reflection of real love, it’s a motivation for people who have dreams, it’s a company that delights that we all have to believe in ourselfs and to keep that faith, hope and put in that hard work. No matter where you came from, always keep in mind in which direction you want to go.

Without our parents we wouldn’t be able to do this. If you reading this, we want to let you know that we truly love you forever. 

Keep shootin for the stars, Aimin for the moon

Nonie & Maki 


Broken Heart, the name speaks for itself. The Broken Heart stands for the pain we went through or going through. The setbacks, the dissapointments, the lonely & dark times, the time of your life when you were at your lowest. Take the pain and turn it in to motivation, inspiration and create something beautiful for yourself. Use the pain as fuel to move forward and reach your goals.</3 


Masky, the story behind Masky is that most of the time people pretend to be different than they actually are. It can be to be liked by, to fit in or be accepted by other people. My advise is: always be yourself and don’t care about other people their opinion. The people that are meant to be in your life will accept and love you for who you are.


You might have 1000 reasons to be sad and unhappy, but focus on the one reason that makes you smile again. The one reason that makes you push through and never give up. Family, friends, your partner, your hobby, a serie it can be anything. People never see the pain, only the smile, so remember to keep on smiling : ).


The meaning behind this design is that you always have to believe in yourself. No matter how hard your situation is always have faith. There will be many obstacles, haters, regrets, doubts & setbacks, but giving up is not an option. If you ain’t Woo, you ain’t winning in this world. Let them talk, prove em wrong.

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